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About Domain Age Checker

You wanna buy a Domain name. Try domain Age Checker, this tool helps you to find the correct age of a Domain Name, from the time when it was registered until its lively. Area age is taken into consideration as one of the very essential factors in website ranking by search engines.  Older domains are likely to boost their ranking on SERPs.

How old is a domain name?
In easy terms, “domain Age” refers to the quantity of time during which a website call has existed. It is how antique a website name is. So for instance, if a site name changed into registered in 2000, the domain age will be 20 years by means of 2020.

What's a domain name?
A website name is a scope with which internet users can get admission to your website. A website name is used for finding and identifying computers on the internet. Computer systems use IP addresses, which are a series of numbers. But, it's a little hard to remember strings of numbers. The domain name also helps you to rank your website in the search engine.